customized portraits

what I offer

I offer a variety of different choices for your very special occasions. Your weddings, birthdays, anniversaries will be enriched by a beautiful customized portrait of one or more people you love. In addition, I can write a full dedication anywhere on the piece.
You will receive your framed original portrait and the .png and .jpg files, so you can easily share it. 

All portraits will be:

  • drawn on beautiful satinated 300 gr paper
  • colored with high-quality pencils and watercolor
  • shipped to you in the quickest time as possibile*

EXTRA / mix and match as you prefer!

→ Extra fast 2 days delivery + 15€
Additional revision + 5€ (+1 day)
→ Additional figures + 25€ (+2 days)
→ Include FULL color in Illustration + 15€
→ Include FULL body + 25€ (+2 days)

tracked shipping + 7€
standard shipping + 4€


- front-view or side view
- good lightning (photos with very low resolution or too dark lightning will not be accepted)
- on focus (blurred pictures might not be accepted, depending on the client's original request and style preferred)

*please note that shipping payment might be required if you are outside of Milan. Shipping by hand can be done only for people currently living in Milan

**REVISIONS can take up to two to three days. You will receive a small draft and be asked for approval. Depending on your response I will be happy to change, add or remove something, and I will deliver the final framed portrait in 4 working days (Mon-Fri).


A5 / A4 

Black pencil portrait with hints of color. You will receive the original framed piece!

→  1 figure
→ 7 days delivery

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Please be sure to read all the instructions listed above and send the requirements to THIS e-mail. 


A5 / A4 

Full color mixed technique portrait, using high quality colored pencils and beautiful watercolors. You will receive the original framed piece!

→  1 figure, 1 EXTRA included with A4 dimension!
→ 7 days delivery
 → 1 revision**

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Please be sure to read all the instructions listed above and send the requirements to THIS e-mail. 

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